Electronics Engineering Resume



Employment History:

April 1999 - May 2001 WTI (Wray-Tech Instruments Inc.) - Stratford, CT

Engineering Manager

Experience with WTI: I am directly responsible for all new product design as well as maintenance of existing product lines. My group consists of 2 EE's, 1 ME, technicians and documentation personnel. We create all electronics designs including PC based circuits as well as all micro-controller based circuits. All designs are done in-house by my design team and are used in refuse collecting trucks, all products are therefore heavy duty and long-life since they are used externally to the trucks.

My job duties include all liaisons with Spain and England where most of our products are sold. This includes direct communications with vendors, customers and setting up field offices for training in installations and troubleshooting.

P.A.T. (Poultry Advance Technology) - Russellville, AR

Senior Electronic Design Engineer

Experience with PAT: This is a company started by two other partners and myself. My job is being responsible for the design of control systems for the poultry industry. These controllers controlled and optimized all growing conditions for poultry houses.

The systems I designed were all multi-house controllers and were designed around an RS-485 communications control system. These systems were in turn designed by my development team from the board level including all printed circuit boards and programming.

These systems were in turn accessible through a modem from a PC through software written by myself using Visual C++. The program emphasized a graphical interface using touchscreen technology. This allowed for the controller to record and act like a data acquisition system.

My design team was also responsible for designing all the LCD/video display systems that are used by the controllers. I designed most of these screens to be touch-based and menu driven in order to have live video and VGA on-screen. The controllers for these screens ranged from PIC microcontrollers to miniature PC-based computers running Windows 95.

I was also in charge of all the Infrared/485 controllers for our communications system. My duties included designing handheld LCD-based remote controllers using spread spectrum technology.

E.D.M. (Electronic Design & Manufacturing) - London, AR

Electronic Design Engineer

Experience with EDM: Self employed Design Engineer doing electronic design work for various firms. The designing includes PCB layout, programming and manufacturing for companies in the motor industry, weather monitoring industry and agricultural industry. These designs have mostly been based on HC11 and PIC microcontroller systems. The designs included coin recognition sensors with smart card circuits used in parking meters.

Innovation Industries - Russellville, AR

Electronic Design Engineer and R & D Lab Manager.

Experience with Innovation Industries: My main job duty was being in charge of the company Research and Design department. The projects were related to the elevator industry and to the emergency lighting industry. They included various position indicator controls, motor control and protection and control systems for elevators, battery charging and maintenance circuits. All these detectors were designed around infrared optoelectronics detection components and their controllers invented and designed by my R&D team.

The heart of these designs was a 68705 based Motorola microprocessor. I implemented all the programming using PC based assembly language. I designed all printed circuit boards using PC based CAD systems. My department built and set up all programming equipment needed for production. This consisted in automated testing of all phases of production, automated QC testing and automated component level testing.

Frymaster - Shreveport, LA

Group Leader - Electronic Engineering Department

I was the group leader of the electronic engineering department. As head of the department I was responsible for new electronic designs and development. My functions consisted in directing my department in new electronic development using microprocessor based controls for cooking equipment, establishing product testing, life testing, controls and maintaining current designs. My design team consisted of three engineers and one technician. All designs were based on various microcontrollers including Hitachi's 63701 and Motorola's 68705 and HC11 families.

Environmental Technical Consultants (ETC engineers) - Little Rock, AR

Electronic Research & Developer

Experience with ETC Engineers: Designed computerized oil analyzer for an oil distributing company. The controller consisted of a computerized design to measure the dielectric properties of oil. I was in charge of research, design and manufacturing.

Designed and built a portable, computerized machine to gather flow information in pipes, sewers and streams using a microprocessor based design for the City of Little Rock.

My job duties also included supervising an oil laboratory with two technicians. I am knowledgeable in water/wastewater, oil and hazardous waste chemical analysis.


I have been trained in the Kepner Tregoe problem solving methods for industry. I am also certified and have completed courses in quality management training based on the Deming methods at Arkansas Tech University and have set up quality programs within the companies I have worked in. I have also taught SPC to manufacturing firms as a consultant.

I am knowledgeable with programming in Windows 95 environment including C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic and have attended PowerPC courses. I am familiar with Tango, Protel, Orcad and various software development systems.