Electrical & Computer Engineering Resume

PROFESSIONAL: Electrical and Computer Engineering


2001 - present Equipment Engineering and Design Manager

Responsible for coordinating the activities of a design engineering and fabrication group. Oversee electronics design and fabrication, software development, mechanical design and fabrication, computer support and network administration for our organization�s network. Programming in LabView, Visual C++, Matlab, embedded system tools, PIC microcontrollers. Creating user interfaces and automating laboratory equipment for control of scientific experiments. Object-oriented programming (OOP), object-oriented design (OOD). Consulting with the entire staff on computer architecture and programming techniques, specifically real-time data acquisition and operating system fundamentals. Electronics design (digital & analog, small-signal amplification and filtering, data acquisition systems, Piezo, Peltier, DSP) Mechanical concept design, electrical controls, fluid and pneumatic controls, temperature control systems, PID control, motion control. Webmaster for several active websites. Maintain and modify content using Adobe GoLive, Photoshop, Acrobat, and a myriad of other graphics processing tools.

Siemens VDO Automotive, Cheshire, CT USA

1998 - 2001 Sr. Test Equipment Design Engineer / Team Leader

Developed custom software applications using Visual C++ and LabView under the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Served as lead software architect and developer on high-volume automated test equipment machinery involving multiple networked computers and communication protocol. Performed software revisions and upgrades on legacy equipment programmed in LabView, C/C++, embedded applications and assembly code. These machines employ a wide array of operating systems and development tools. Consulted with manufacturing engineers to conceptualize and design overall production line automation and in-process inspection methods, specializing in full functional testing at end of production line. Evaluated in-house workload capacity and recommended either in-house build or outside supplier contracts to produce equipment. Scheduled and tracked the workload of the Test Equipment design group. Coordinated PC-based & PLC-based software programming, electronic hardware design, automation design, design review and approval meetings with customers, and final acceptance criteria based on automotive QS9000 & ISO9000 criteria. Performed all of these tasks on machinery designed for Siemens� production facilities in Juarez & Matamoros, Mexico. Traveled to equipment vendors and Mexican production facilities to expedite startup of new production lines. Designed and implemented an intranet-based workload tracking system using Microsoft Project. No previous system in place. Designed and implemented an ISO9000 approved document & software tracking system under Microsoft Access. No previous system in place.

1995 - 1998 Sr. Test Equipment Design Engineer

Designed and programmed computer based automated data acquisition systems for final, full functional testing of VDO's products on high volume production lines, built in-house or by outside equipment suppliers. Traveled to equipment suppliers facilities for extended equipment qualification visits to ensure that our customer�s requirements were met prior to delivery of capital equipment. Scheduled and expedited system design and fabrication involving many personnel and disciplines (i.e. electronics, controls, mechanical, drafting, outside suppliers). Reported schedule updates to staff.

1991 - 1995 Test Equipment Design Engineer

Designed data acquisition systems to perform full functional product testing in engineering labs and on production lines. Interfaced data acquisition systems to complex PLC-based manufacturing equipment built in-house and by outside suppliers. Programmed software to control data acquisition circuitry, motion control devices, operator interfaces, on-line databases, laser measurement devices, vision systems. Designed electronic circuitry to interface to sensors and measurement transducers as well as the various products manufactured by VDO. Became intimately familiar with each of our products by interacting daily with product engineers and test lab. Acted as computer specialist and system administrator for department network (IBM/PC & Novell based). Hardware and software purchasing, installation, training and support. Used mathematical modeling of stepper motors, brush motors and magnetic sensors to compare expected versus actual results during test equipment design.

1989 - 1991 VAX System Administrator & Programmer

Purchased, configured, installed operating system software and utilities on a VAX/VMS mini-mainframe. Designed and programmed multi-user database applications under the VMS operating system.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

1991 - 1996 M.S. Computer Science & Engineering

Northeastern University

1983 - 1988 B.S. Electrical Engineering

Digital & analog circuit design and analysis theory. Magnetic and electromagnetic theory and applications. Physics, chemistry, calculus, thermodynamics, mechanical statics & dynamics.

1985 - 1988 CO-OP Program (Siemens VDO Automotive)

Microprocessor-based programming and design on STD-BUS. Integrated GPIB test equipment. Digital & analog circuit design. Electromagnetic device testing (stepper motors, Hall effect sensors).

1979 - 1983 Xavier High School, Middletown, CT