Applied Mechanics Resume

Mechanical Engineer * Naval Architect & Marine Engineer * Structural Engineer


SUMMARY: Substantial background in providing solutions to practical problems in critical aspects of structures, vibrations, stability, and fluid flow encountered in a variety of engineering systems, from special military vehicles to observatory telescopes. Considerable experience in development of concepts and design criteria for R&D programs and proposals.


1986-Present Consulting Engineer - Darien, CT

Research and development of design methodology and concepts for shape memory effect materials. Development of prototype automated structural connectors for NASA Space Station. Analysis of special dynamic problems involved in the design and vibration testing of gas turbine components. Analysis and development of a mathematical model for predicting the printing performance of an automated mailing system. These and many other assignments from a variety of clients.

1980-1986 AMF, Inc., Morehead Patterson Research Center - Stamford, CT

Research Specialist in Applied Mechanics Conducted study programs for various products and services in critical areas affecting performance, integrity, and reliability. Developed methodologies in the form of design charts, nomographs, computer programs, and test procedures. Products Included yachts, dough makers, skis, and relays.

1977-1980 Perkin-Elmer Corp., Electro-Optical Group, Wilton, CT:

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Developed structural and opto-mechanical design concepts, Design and analysis of primary telescope structures and secondary structures mounting critical instruments, sensors, and control components, Conducted structural analysis an telescope portion of IRAS (Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite), which has completed a very successful mission.

1976 - 1977 Pitney Bowes, Mailing System Division. Norwalk, CT:

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Developed optical scanning methods, transport systems and illumination for electronic mail systems. Developed and designed scientific computer models and prototype models.

1970-1976 Consulting Engineer. Darien, CT:

Assignments included - Structural Integrity and dynamic alignment study of an airborne electro-optical system. Structural analysis of a patrol frigate for the U.S. Navy, Including hull, main mast. main engine foundations.

Clients included: Barnes Engineering, CBS Laboratories, Columbia University Astrophysics Lab, and Peabody Engineering.

1968-1970 Perkin-Elmer Corp., Optical Operations Division, Norwalk, CT:

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Research special structural mechanics problems in the fabrication, mounting, and metrology of large optics.

1966-1968 CBS Laboratories, Stamford, CT :

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Worked principally on several difficult elasticity problems, including the dynamics of a light modulating crystal and deformations of optical spinners.

1958-1966 Consolidated Diesel Electric Company, Aircraft Equipment Division, Stamford, CT:

Analytical Engineer, Senior Development Engineer

Prepared proposals for R & D programs and performed primary analytical work to insure controllability and mechanical and structural integrity of the prototypes. Items included trailer spotting dollies for roll-on/roll-off vessels, B-52 wheel mover system, aircraft cargo loader. Work involved the structural and performance analyses of vehicles, engines, and hydraulic, mechanical transmissions.

1954-1958 SparkMan and Stephens, Inc., New York City:

Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Hydrodynamic and structural design and stress analyses of vessels.

1952-1954 Gibbs and Cox. Inc., New York City:

Jr. Naval Architect

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United States Navy