Albert V. Yannella


To participate in creative research and engineering projects where over thirty years of experience, diversity, initiative and proven skills are challenged.


Professional experience spans over thirty years of engineering management positions with increasing responsibility. Managed large technical teams consisting of: New Product Development, Applied Mechanics, Material Science, Electronics, Advanced Manufacturing, Application Engineering and Design & Drafting. Evaluated existing product designs, reviewed company goals and management techniques in order to formulate strategic plans to achieve corporate requirements. Generated realistic product development schedules, established manpower requirements, interviewed potential personnel and assembled strong design teams. Developed budget proposals and plan to bring products to market on-time. Participated as a member of the strategic planning team to establish essential company growth directions and a member of the quality team, developing action plans to assure quality products for global markets. Evaluated advanced technologies for products and gave presentations to upper management for project approvals while also collaborating with marketing and industrial design to establish product specifications and appearance.


1988-Present Innovative Development, Inc., Consulting Firm- Hamden, CT.


Consulted for Fortune 500 and numerous smaller companies as an Engineering Management Consultant responsible for crisis management on troubled projects. Designed all phases of product development programs utilizing internal personnel, as well as consultants as required. Interfaced with marketing to define design specifications and manufacturing to develop prototype and final tooling programs. Suggested re-design and gave engineering support as required. Initiated extensive prototype fabrication plan to qualify all major components prior to having expensive tooling fabricated. Temporary tooling was built as required for critical parts to assure that they represented out-of-mold characteristics during testing. Set-up an extensive inspection, life testing, component and system evaluation program prior to completing documentation releases for final tooling. Patent disclosures were written as required. Some development projects were the enhanced Eagle meter, (marketed as the PB Home Meter) F-400 Modular Inserter system (marketed as SPECTRUM), Cross Folder, various medical products e.g.: designed and performed floatation and FEA analysis for blood separation devices during centrifugation; safety needle design; analysis and design of implantable titanium pump parts; trocars; biopsy device mechanisms, instrumentation and manufacturing equipment used for suture end preparation and digital data acquistion systems utilizing a varity of sensors and transducers. Performed structural analysis (FEA) on large and small intricate frame members for load cell mounting brackets. Other products developed were high-tech sports training equipment such as the heavyweight SUPER BAG, electronically controlled football training sled, custom strength training and conditioning equipment, voice and light actuated basketball net, baseball training equipment with audio feedback, novel rollerblade wheels and numerous specialty products.

Long-term on-site consultant assignment:

1997-2001 Wray-Tech Instruments, Inc.

V.P. of Engineering and R & D

Developed instrumentation system for dynamic and absolute on-board digital weighing systems utilizing load cell and pressure transducer technology for the Waste Management Industry consisting of front-end loaders, rear loaders, trade-waste, roll-on dumpsters, and recycling trucks. Assembled design team capable of redesigning the existing product line to increase overall system performance, component stability and product durability while also introducing a new product line. Generated complete design and testing documentation and was responsible for obtaining the European OIML & CE Certification.

1993-1995 Dresser Industries, Instrument Division - Stratford, CT.

Engineering Manager

Responsible for research, design, development and fabrication of pressure (vacuum thru 100,000 psi) and temperature instruments. Reorganized and managed a large technical team consisting of the following major areas: New Product Development; Applied Mechanics (FEA analysis); Material Science; Advanced Manufacturing; Application Engineering and Technical Support (Design & Drafting). Evaluated and implemented high-tech engineering tools such as Pro-Engineer Solid Modeling, and Mechanica an FEA and Design Optimization program to support concurrent new product development and product modification efforts. Instituted a Document Management system for additional quality responses to customer and manufacturing inquires. Developed, prepared and implemented controls and procedures to become ISO-9001 certified. Prepared documentation for semi-annual audits to assure ISO-9001 revision approval January 1995. Some specific projects were: develop a new technology for Computerized Direct Dial Printing, redesign of the Industrial Bimetal Thermometer product line, develop a Fractional Isolation Seal, and resolve an extensive number of design problems that plagued the efficiency of high volume manufacturing. Member of the strategic planning team to develop company growth direction and the total quality team to assure the production of quality products. Evaluated advanced technologies for new product development in the following areas: Process, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Semi-Connector, Environmental and Waste Treatment markets. Researched the following technologies to improve performance of new as well as existing products: Dielectric thin film coatings (Diamond, Pyrex glass, Polymers, etc.), protective coatings (Monel, Hastelloy, Platinum, Pd/Ni etc.), coatings to reduce and / or increase surface energy to enhance printing and electro-polishing techniques to assure crevice-free environments.

1985-1989 Pitney Bowes, Inc., New Product Development-Norwalk, CT.

Engineering Section Manager

Responsible for the development of a new consumer product line consisting of state-of-the-art postage meters and mailing equipment. Managed large project teams to assure delivery of new products within set schedules, budget and unit manufacturing costs. Gave project presentations and collaborated with marketing and industrial design to establish product specifications and appearance. All components were designed to accommodate fully automated assembly. Worked intensively on developing plastic molded parts capable of holding tight out-of-mold tolerances for both structural parts (glass filled and unfilled) and exterior covers. Designed experiments and performed analysis to determine feasibility of new concepts and materials. Established a self-sufficient engineering laboratory and designed high-speed equipment to automate component life testing. Designed and analyzed D.C. ServoMotor Control systems for Mid-Range Rotary Base. Some specific projects were the Eagle Meter, Modular Mail Processor, Mini Mail Center and a high-speed paper transport system for ink-jet printing evaluations.

1981-1985 AMF, Inc., Corporate Engineering & Research - Stamford, CT.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Corporate Engineer responsible for Research and Development of innovative products and special systems. Developed conceptual ideas and designed prototypes for new products. Prepared project presentations, schedules, specifications and cost proposals. Supervised a group of engineers, designers, model markers and lab technicians in the production of practical prototypes for evaluation. Engineering assignments have involved creative mechanical design utilizing state-of-the-art electronics, stress analysis of high - pressure vessels and support structures, natural frequency calculations, fluid mechanics, kinematic and dynamic analysis and servo motor system analysis. Computer programs were developed as required to aid these studies.

Conceived, created the prototype, and submitted patents for a new computerized pipeline thread inspection system (ACTIS) which generated a new business area for a subsidiary; developed operational flowcharts and computer programs for portable microprocessor module with printed output and graphics; designed high speed (100 in/sec) tobacco tactile scanner and Flying-Cutter de-stemming conveyor controlled by a closed loop D.C. servo motor system; developed super high pressure (50000 psi) gas / hydraulic booster pumping system used for water jet cutting.

1976-1981 Raytheon Co., Machlett Laboratories Division-Stamford, CT.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Responsible for the entire development, design and fabrication of special systems and equipment. Engineering assignments involved: hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical control circuit design, mechanical design, failure studies on materials, structural design, problems in heat transfer, stress and vibration analysis. Direct participation in generating conceptual designs, writing technical justifications and project cost estimates. Prepared systems operating specifications and testing procedures. Gave technical supervision to engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel.

Some projects were: 30 kw x-ray heat transfer systems, large hydrogen furnace dewpoint control systems, x-ray tube high vacuum systems, oil out-gassing systems, development of fludic logic circuits to control automatic fixtures on numerical control machines, 120,000 gal/day waste treatment system, cyanide destruction system, chrome reduction systems, and a 80,000 gal/day chemical transfer pump station.

1974-1976 American Avitron, Inc., Port Chester, NY

Mechanical Engineer

Technically responsible for the development, design and fabrication of special ground support equipment per MIL8090 for the S3A aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit. Engineering assignments consisted of giving technical supervision to nine designers, mechanical and structural design, complete stress analysis for 20g shock on large welded structures per MIL8512 and center of gravity calculations on large complex shapes. Designed mechanisms to rotate and detent jet engines, mass air flow measuring system with computer read out, high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Direct participation in the preparation of technical acceptance test procedures, cost estimates and specifications. Practical knowledge of standards, procedures and processes relative to design manufacturing of electro-mechanical products.

1973-1974 Celotex Corp., Jim Walters Door Division- MT Vernon, NY

Mechanical Engineer

Technically responsible for the research and development of highly competitive electro-mechanical equipment. Directed designers, model shop and quality control. Typical engineering assignments and product development included stress analysis on structures, design of mechanisms for overhead door operators consisting of gear systems, disk brakes, clutches and cams. Participated in design reviews, prepared test plans and procedures. Held position of Project Manager for state-of-the-art residential garage door operator.

1970-1973 Ward Leonard Electric Co. Mt. Vernon, NY

Mechanical Designer

Engaged in the development, design, and/or redesign of competitive electro-mechanical equipment, from inception to production. Designed and developed mechanical layouts of propulsion control cubicles for atomic submarines consisting of gearing, mechanisms, cam design, Geneva cam and pinion design, structural design, and bus bar layouts. Other assignments were ship controllers, emergency propulsion controllers, power cubicles, and control panels.

1968-1970 Firedoor Corporation of America - Bronx, NY


Mechanical layout and design of elevator shaftways, cabs and entrances, general drafting, schematics, wiring diagrams, machined parts, weldments and mechanical assembly drawings.


Bachelor of Professional Studies, Mechanical Engineering State University of New York

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